Bag for metal detector

Best metal detector bags & kit packs

Carrying the essential kit you need for a successful day out metal detecting can be awkward. We look into the most popular pieces of carry kit detectorists use.

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Best metal detector for gold coins uk

Best gold detector UK (2024)

All metal detectors to a certain extent will find gold. Some detectors however will do a superior job to others. We take a look into ability and costs.

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Garrett Ace 250

The Garrett Ace 250 – The Ace story

The Garrett ACE 250 was one of the most popular beginner metal detectors out there when launched. Now superceeded by the 300i, we look into what made the 250 so popular and also what alternatives are out there.

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Quest Q30 metal detector

The Quest Q30 – The sub £300 contender?

Quest are relative newcomers to detectors but have taken the community by storm. We look into the mid range Q30 further.

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metal detecting finds cases

Metal detecting display cases – How to show off your finds!

As metal detectorists, we work really hard to find great things beneath our feet. Often endlessly sifting through trash. This makes it more worthwhile to display our finds. We look at some great metal detecting finds display ideas.

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metal detecting techniques and tips

11 Metal Detecting Tips & Techniques

Using some really good metal detecting techniques and tips can drastically improve your finds rate. We cover some basic top techniques.

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Quest X5 metal detector

The Quest X5 – Best metal detector for beginners?

The Quest X5 has taken the entry level beginner metal detector market by storm. We look deeper into this machine and see why it’s so popular.

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metal detecting clubs near me

Metal detecting clubs near me

Joining a metal detecting has many benefits. We look into those and give you a comprehensive list of metal detecting clubs in your area.

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metal detecting magazines | The Searcher magazine | Treasure Hunting magazine

Metal Detecting Magazines – The UK choices

Metal detecting magazines can be a vital resource packed with knowledge and news. We look into what’s available and some free magazines too!

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metal detector harness

5 Advantages of a metal detector harness

Using a specially designed metal detector harness has many advantages. We look into them further and suggest some examples.

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Can a metal detect gold

What can a metal detector detect?

There can sometimes be confusion about what metal detectors will actually detect. We answer some of the most common questions.

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Beach metal detecting sand scoop

Beach metal detecting sand scoops – Ultimate choices!

Buying a specially designed beach metal detecting sand scoop should be seen as an investment that will pay for itself. We delve more into what’s available and why you should get one.

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Metal detecting wireless headphones

Having the correct headphones that have been specifically designed for metal detecting is crucial. We look into corded and wireless versions.

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Best metal detector UK under £300 (2024)

Buying the best metal detector you can for under £300 is an important choice. We help to give you our top 3 choices.

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Can you metal detect in the rain?

Metal detecting in the rain, even though uncomfortable can yield some benefits and boost a detectors performance. We delve a bit deeper into this.

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Can metal detectors detect aluminium?

Rejecting aluminium has pros and cons. We look into sometimes discriminating aluminium, especially foil could limit your finds rate.

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Metal Detecting Clothing – The best choices

Well chosen metal detecting clothing can keep you dry all day and also hold all of the essential kit you need. We look into some clever choices.

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Metal detecting digging tools

Having a small, handheld metal detecting digging tool handy is essential when extracting hidden targets in holes. We look into these diggers further.

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Metal detecting boots – Your essential guide!

Having the correct boots for metal detecting is essential and a vital inclusion into your kit. We look into what makes the best choice.

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How to clean old coins

Coin cleaning can be tricky, especially knowing if you should or shouldn’t. We dive into this and also look at some of the most used methods.

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Metal detecting apps

Mobile apps can be really useful when out detecting from using GPS mapping, giving old map information, logging your route and finds to giving tide times. We look further.

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Metal detecting news

Metal detecting news items are great for moral and also promoting responsible metal detecting. Here are some success stories!

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Metal detector settings – Explained!

Metal detector controls, settings and terminology can be baffling sometimes. We discuss the most common settings and what their functions are.

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Metal detector coil types – Explained!

Metal detector search coils come in various shapes and sizes. We discuss the main differences between concentric and Double D coils.

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Metal detecting tips UK

Metal detecting tips, tricks and hacks can help increase your finds rate, protect you and your equipment as well as making your day more comfortable. We give you some top tips!

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Metal detector depth – How deep do you need?

Metal detector depth is an emotive subject which can sometimes cloud our judgement. Many factors effect depth and we explore them.

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Farmers who allow metal detecting

Getting permissions to metal detect on someones land can be awkward and uncomfortable process. I give you some ideas to help with the process.

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Metal detecting rules UK – Code of practice

The rules for metal detecting are covered in law and also in a general code of practice promoting responsibility. We take a look at the important aspects.

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Metal detecting insurance

Having personal insurance cover for when you’re metal detecting can easily be overlooked. We explore why it’s a good idea.

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Metal detecting for beginners UK – Where to start

In this article I cover all of the aspects that need to be considered when starting out metal detecting in UK from equipment, the law and accessories to getting into a mindset!

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