Top Tips

Ground balancing

Metal detector ground balancing – Why it’s important

Having ground balancing functionality on a metal detector can yield much better performance. We explain why it’s important, what it is and why you should do it.

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Quest V80

How to read a metal detector target ID

When new to metal detecting, the information a metal detector gives you can be confusing. We look into this information and also ways to help.

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How to identify iron with a metal detector

Identifying iron with your metal detector

Digging iron and trash can be frustrating at times and ruin your day out. There are however some tips and tricks you can use to minimise this. We look into them and discuss the advantages of being able to use single frequencies on a multi frequency machine.

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earn extra income beach metal detecting

Extra income ideas – Beach metal detecting!

Looking for an extra income idea? Want to make extra money from home? Beach metal detecting could give you a nice side hustle finding money and jewellery. We discuss it further!

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metal detecting techniques and tips

11 Metal Detecting Tips & Techniques

Using some really good metal detecting techniques and tips can drastically improve your finds rate. We cover some basic top techniques.

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How to clean old coins

Coin cleaning can be tricky, especially knowing if you should or shouldn’t. We dive into this and also look at some of the most used methods.

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Metal detecting apps

Mobile apps can be really useful when out detecting from using GPS mapping, giving old map information, logging your route and finds to giving tide times. We look further.

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Metal detector settings – Explained!

Metal detector controls, settings and terminology can be baffling sometimes. We discuss the most common settings and what their functions are.

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Metal detecting tips UK

Metal detecting tips, tricks and hacks can help increase your finds rate, protect you and your equipment as well as making your day more comfortable. We give you some top tips!

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Farmers who allow metal detecting

Getting permissions to metal detect on someones land can be awkward and uncomfortable process. I give you some ideas to help with the process.

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Metal detecting rules UK – Code of practice

The rules for metal detecting are covered in law and also in a general code of practice promoting responsibility. We take a look at the important aspects.

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Metal detecting insurance

Having personal insurance cover for when you’re metal detecting can easily be overlooked. We explore why it’s a good idea.

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Metal detecting for beginners UK – Where to start

In this article I cover all of the aspects that need to be considered when starting out metal detecting in UK from equipment, the law and accessories to getting into a mindset!

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Metal detector problems – Troubleshooting

Having problems when metal detecting can be one of the most disheartening things around. We look into the most common problems and solutions.

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Metal detecting pinpointer – What is a pinpointer?

In this article, we discuss what a pinpointer is, do I need one, how do they work and what to watch out for when purchasing one!

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Metal detector discrimination (& metal conductivity)

Metal detector discrimination can be a tricky but interesting subject. We delve into it and give you advice on how to get the best from your machine.

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Beach Metal Detecting UK – Top tips!

Beach metal detecting can be one of the best and one of the most challenging pastimes. We share our knowledge to get the best from your time.

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