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Metal detecting can be one of the most rewarding outdoor hobbies you can find. There are many benefits to be had like exercise, excitement, constant learning, contributing to our knowledge of history, potential financial rewards and good mental health. Discover Metal Detecting has been created to promote responsible metal detecting and to be a knowledgable resource for anyone thinking about taking up the hobby.

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Metal detecting for beginners UK – Where to start

In this article I cover all of the aspects that need to be considered when starting out metal detecting in UK from equipment, the law and accessories to getting into a mindset!

Best metal detectors for beginners UK (2024)

Buying your first detector can be daunting. With so many to choose from, what do you go for? We discuss what to avoid and what to go for so you avoid disappointment.

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metal detecting techniques and tips

Is it better to start with an entry level or an expensive metal detector?

So you’re interested in metal detecting! Do you start with an entry level machine or a more expensive machine. We look into the pros and cons!

Minelab XTerra Voyager

The Minelab XTerra Voyager review – Minelab’s entry level bruiser!

Competition in the beginner entry level metal detector sector is fierce with many reputable manufacturers angling for the top spot. The new XTerra Voyager is from the big hitters Minelab. We look into this little bruiser which packs a punch for its pricepoint!

Ground balancing

Metal detector ground balancing – Why it’s important

Having ground balancing functionality on a metal detector can yield much better performance. We explain why it’s important, what it is and why you should do it.

Quest V80

How to read a metal detector target ID

When new to metal detecting, the information a metal detector gives you can be confusing. We look into this information and also ways to help.

Family metal detecting

Metal detecting with kids – The perfect family activity

Metal detecting can be a fantastic and rewarding hobby for the whole family. It can form bonds, spark interest in learning and provide excitement for youngsters. We look into detecting as a family a bit deeper.

Roman Hoard

Unearthing the debate: Metal detecting’s impact on archaeology, the benefits and controversies

The relationship between the metal detecting community and archaeologists can often be strained be our contribution cannot be denied. We look into this further.