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Metal detecting can be one of the most rewarding outdoor hobbies you can find. There are many benefits to be had like exercise, excitement, constant learning, contributing to our knowledge of history, potential financial rewards and good mental health. Discover Metal Detecting has been created to promote responsible metal detecting and to be a knowledgable resource for anyone thinking about taking up the hobby.

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Metal detecting for beginners UK – Where to start

In this article I cover all of the aspects that need to be considered when starting out metal detecting in UK from equipment, the law and accessories to getting into a mindset!

Best metal detectors for beginners UK (2023)

Buying your first detector can be daunting. With so many to choose from, what do you go for? We discuss what to avoid and what to go for so you avoid disappointment.

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Second Hand Metal Detectors

Second Hand Metal Detectors – The Pros & Cons

After deciding that metal detecting could be your new hobby, you may think about looking for a second hand metal detector. We look into the Pro’s and Con’s on the decision to buy old or new.

Belt Buckles

Medieval buckles

Buckles can span through several different eras and be a window into life and fashions at a particular time. They are quite common finds for metal detectorists but always remain a welcome find to many. We look a little deeper into these interesting finds.

British Coins

British Coins

In the UK, were are lucky enough to have a wealth of history beneath our feet. Learning to recognise a particular monarch on a freshly unearthed coin is immensely satisfying. We look further into monarchs heads and their reigns.

Lead tokens

Lead Tokens

Easily made with unique designs, lead tokens have been used for over a thousand years for a number of reasons. As a common find for a metal detectorist, we look at these disc shaped windows into our history.

Finds Liaison Officer

Finds Liaison Officer

In the UK, recording historic finds is extremely important, even more so if it potentially is treasure. The Finds Liaison Officer is a critical bridge between the finder and the logging process. We look more into the FLO’s role.

Magnet fishing

Magnet fishing tips

There are many things to consider when thinking of starting a new hobby. Magnet fishing is no different. We give you 18 top tips to consider when starting out.