Quest V80

The Quest V80 – The new multi frequency contender!

The V80 and V60 are the latest multi frequency flagship metal detectors from Quest. With several features not found on other machines, this machine packs a massive punch. We take a deeper dive.

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Kaiweets KGM01 Review

The Kaiweets KGM01 breaks the rules for an entry level budget metal detector. With exceptional build quality, large search coil and a control box packed with features, this £120 machine is a cracker!

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Second Hand Metal Detectors

Second Hand Metal Detectors – The Pros & Cons

After deciding that metal detecting could be your new hobby, you may think about looking for a second hand metal detector. We look into the Pro’s and Con’s on the decision to buy old or new.

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Minelab X Terra Pro

The Minelab XTerra Pro

The XTerra Pro is the latest single frequency detector from Minelab. We look into why this is a top contender in the sub £300 bracket.

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XP Deus II

The XP Deus II – The French flagship!

The XP Deus II is the successor to the impressive and original Deus I. Boasting multi frequency technology, this is one of the lighest top end hitters. We take a closer look.

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Nokta Makro Simplex +

The Nokta Makro Simplex +

The Nokta Makro Simplex + is one of the best single frequency treasure detectors out there but where does it sit amongst its competitors?

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Minelab Manticore

Minelab Manticore – The Equinox/CTX union

The Manticore is the latest top of line treasure detector from MInelab. Boasting more features and more power, we take a look into the new machine that Minelab have called The Beast!

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Minelab CTX 3030

Minelab CTX 3030 – The ultimate detector?

Launched in 2012, the Minelab CTX 3030 has remained the top dog in Minelab’s hobby treasure hunting range. We take a look at it.

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Underwater metal detector

Underwater metal detectors – The best choices!

Coosing the correct metal detector for underwater detecting is essential. We look into the types of technology and types of detector that will find you that jewellery.

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Best metal detector for gold coins uk

Best gold detector UK (2023)

All metal detectors to a certain extent will find gold. Some detectors however will do a superior job to others. We take a look into ability and costs.

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Garrett Ace 250

The Garrett Ace 250 – The Ace story

The Garrett ACE 250 was one of the most popular beginner metal detectors out there when launched. Now superceeded by the 300i, we look into what made the 250 so popular and also what alternatives are out there.

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Quest Q30 metal detector

The Quest Q30 – The sub £300 contender?

Quest are relative newcomers to detectors but have taken the community by storm. We look into the mid range Q30 further.

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Quest X5 metal detector

The Quest X5 – Best metal detector for beginners?

The Quest X5 has taken the entry level beginner metal detector market by storm. We look deeper into this machine and see why it’s so popular.

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Nokta Makro Legend vs Equinox 800

Nokta Makro The Legend – An Equinox beater?

The Nokta Makro Legend is fast gaining a foothold for being a top performing multi frequency detector. How does it compare to its main rival, the Minelab Equinox 800 however?

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Garrett Ace Apex vs Minelab Vanquish 540

Garrett Ace Apex vs Minelab Vanquish 540

Multi Frequency technology has transformed metal detecting by making undetectable targets now detectable. We look at two popular machines.

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Best metal detector under £300

Buying the best metal detector you can for under £300 is an important choice. We help to give you our top 3 choices.

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The Minelab Vanquish Series – A Game Changer?

The Minelab Vanquish series of metal detectors have made the power of multi frequency detection available to everyone. We look into this awesome machine.

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Minelab Equinox 600 vs 800

The Minelab Equinox is the original pioneer of multi frequency technology. We look at the differences between the 600 and 800.

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Metal detector settings – Explained!

Metal detector controls, settings and terminology can be baffling sometimes. We discuss the most common settings and what their functions are.

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Metal detector depth – How deep do you need?

Metal detector depth is an emotive subject which can sometimes cloud our judgement. Many factors effect depth and we explore them.

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UK Metal detectors – The choices for price?

Metal detector prices vary considerably. We talk about the price brackets and what you can expect to get within those brackets.

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Minelab Equinox 800 gold metal detector

Multi Frequency Metal Detectors-The Holy Grail?

Multi frequency machines have transformed the ability to detect targets at greater depths and in mineralised ground. We delve deeper into the technology.

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NEL Tornado coil for Garrett Ace 250 – The perfect upgrade

Adding a DD coil as a upgrade to a standard concentric coil can completely supercharge a detector. We look into it further for the Garrett ACE 250.

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Best metal detectors for beginners UK (2024)

Buying your first detector can be daunting. With so many to choose from, what do you go for? We discuss what to avoid and what to go for so you avoid disappointment.

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