The XP Deus II – The French flagship!

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The XP Deus II

The XP Deus II is XP’s latest cutting edge metal detector that has been eagerly awaited by metal detecting enthusiasts around the world, building on the success of the original XP Deus which was released in 2009.

The Deus II from XP promised to pack a punch and is rammed with new features and technology that promises to be a game changer for detectorists of all skill levels.

With advanced features such as wireless design, multi frequency technology, 20m depth waterproofing and improved discrimination capabilities, the XP Deus II takes metal detecting to the next level.

Metal detecting has come a long way since the inception of the original XP Deus and the XP Deus II is proof of that. The original Deus was (and still is) a fantastic machine.

I know this as I’ve owned an XP Deus and even its older brother, the Goldmaxx Power!

As they say however, time and tide waits for no man and multi frequency technology is the order of day!

The standout feature of the XP Deus II is its wireless design.

Unlike many metal detectors on the market, the Deus II features a completely wireless setup that allows you to move around freely while detecting.

The control box can be worn on a belt, carried in a pocket, or attached to the wireless headphones.

This eliminates the need for wires and cables making the Deus II much more convenient and user-friendly.

In addition to its wireless design, the XP Deus II also boasts a range of advanced features that make it one of the most capable metal detectors today.

Its improved discrimination capabilities allow you to differentiate between different types of metalsmore accurately and the detector also features a new “Gold” mode.

This is specifically designed for detecting small, low conductivity targets like gold nuggets. The Deus II also includes a range of frequency options.

This allows you to customize the detector’s performance to suit your specific needs or environment.

The XP Deus II also features a comprehensive LCD display that provides a wealth of information about the detected target, including its depth, size, and composition in numeric and graphical formats.

XP are famous for making their detectors lightweight and ergonomic making it comfortable to use for extended periods. Its adjustable shaft allows you to adjust the detector to your height and arm length.

Overall, the XP Deus II is a highly capable top end metal detector that offers a range of features and capabilities that are sure to impress even the most experienced detectorists.

Whether you’re searching for buried treasure, relics or simply trying to find lost items, the XP Deus II is a detector that delivers results. Find the lowest priced XP Deus II over on Amazon here.

XP Deus II – Multi Frequency Technology

The XP Deus II boasts using fast, multi frequency technology. These frequencies include 4Khz, 7KHz, 15KHz, 21KHz, 28KHz, 35KHz and 45KHz. This multi frequency technology is a game changer!

You can read more about the advantages of multi frequency technology in my article Multi Frequency Metal Detectors – The Holy Grail?

The Deus II can also toggle through in a singular fashion giving you a choice of 49 single frequencies in the event that one of these is needed.

This is the main advantage over the original, single frequency XP Deus. I say single frequency, because at the time, it could be switched between frequencies but could only use one at a time.

The XP Deus II solves the dilemma of worrying about what frequency to use and the agony of thinking you may of missed a target by not using the most efficient frequency.

The XP Deus II’s spread of frequencies ensures that deep targets, shallow targets, big targets, tiny targets, low conducting and high conducting targets all get seen by the best frequency for them.

This technology also gives you much more target information to determine iron and above all, to use the Deus II on wet beaches. The original XP Deus did not like the beach!

This makes it one of the best and most advanced all round machines to date.

XP Deus II – Waterproofing

The XP Deus II has now received an IP68 rating boasting robust waterproofing capabilities down to 20m depth. This makes the XP Deus II awesome for shallow water, treasure hunting with discrimination.

You can also read my article on underwater metal detecting here.

XP Deus II – Essential Key Features

XP machines have always been noted as having a wealth of adjustable features which at first glance to a novice, or even an intermediate detectorist can be daunting.

These are great features to have and are there to be exploited as your expertise and familiarisation with the Deus II grows. Don’t worry about them initially. There are only a small amount to master at first.

As with most machines, there are only some core settings that will directly effect a machines performance. We touch on some of them here. I also have a useful article on metal detector settings here.

The Deus II, like most machines comes with preset search modes, or “programmes”. The programmes have been expertly built by XP engineers and are a good place to start. Most users don’t deviate from these!

XP Deus II – Preset Programmes

Here are the 12 in built programmes in brief which get the best from the XP Deus II.

Programme 1 – General

This uses low and high frequencies and gives you the best assessment of all target types. It suits
both beginners and experienced users. The best place to start for stable consistant results.

Programme 2 – Sensitive

This uses low and high frequencies up to about 40 kHz. Highly efficient on all targets, it will be very
effective in mineralized and polluted ground when searching for the smallest targets.

Programme 3 – Sensi FT

Sensitive Full Tones is based on the same platform as Programme 2 but it is configured using
Full Tone audio mode and Reactivity at 3 instead of 2.5.

It offers a very rich and informative sound identification that requires a little more experience as each target index generates a different tone in proportion to its conductivity.

Very efficient in highly polluted, busy ferrous and mineralized ground. The “Reactivity” mentioned above is equivalent to “Recovery Speed” on other machines. We’ll cover this later!

Programme 4 – Fast

Fast is based on the same platform as Programme 2 but the audio is set to Pitch mode with Reactivity at 3 instead of 2.5 and uses the square audio feature. (I like this because targets sound crisp with a clean cut off)

These three settings combined allow the machine to work fast in ferrous-polluted and mineralized ground. (Fast was my preferred programme on the original Deus!)

Programme 5 – Park

Park is adjusted for searching recreational areas such as parks, dry sand beaches or sites that
have more trash in them. Discrimination levels are higher to reject more junk.

The “Bottle Cap” feature is also set to help reject most rusty ferrous caps. This programme can be useful but has been typically created really for park hunting in the United States.

Programme 6 – Deep HC

Deep High Conductor programme adds together very low and medium frequencies up to 14 kHz.
These lower frequencies penetrate deeper and are more sensitive to larger silver or copper coins/artefacts.

Programme 7 – Deus Mono

Deus Mono works on a single frequency. The frequency can chosen and in certain hunting grounds provide improved performance, audio quality, better EMI rejection.

This could typically be around power lines or mobile phone transmitters. Multi frequency programmes can in some cases be erratic around these. Deus Mono could help you in these situations.

Programme 8 – Gold Field

Gold Field is intended for highly mineralized gold producing ground. Gold nuggets are often seen as the
ground or ferrous items in these tricky environments. In most cases, this programme isn’t frequently used.

Programme 9 – Relic

Relic is processed in the same way as Programme 8 but uses lower frequencies with conductive soil subtraction to search for large masses.

It is configured for “All Metal” with a low Reactivity setting to penetrate deeper. This is one of the deepest seeking programmes but offers less discrimination and target recovery speeds. Sweep slow!

Programme 10 – Diving

Diving is the first and most stable of three programs intended for submerging in saltwater environments
or simply on wet sand.

Its very low and medium frequencies with conductive soil subtraction will better locate valuable targets such as rings and coins.

Programme 11 – Beach

Beach uses higher frequencies up to 24 kHz and thus is more sensitive to small targets compared to the
Diving programme. It is also well suited to salty, wet beach zones.

Programme 12 – Beach Sens

Beach Sensitivity incorporates frequencies up to about 40 kHz offering excellent sensitivity to the smallest
targets without loosing performance on bigger targets.

This is the deepest beach program for wet conditions but also the most reactive. If it gets a little bit sparky or twitchy, switching to Beach Programme 11 can often solve it.

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XP Deus II – Reactivity

Reactivity is a vital setting that determines the detector’s performance in terms of how quickly it analyzes the signal from detected target and its ability to separate it from another target located close to it.

This is often also known as Recovery speed. It must be remembered however that the faster the Reactivity is set, a reduction in detection depth goes with it. This must be assessed on the fly.

The Reactivity setting on the XP Deus II goes from 0 to 5 with zero being the slowest and 5 being the fastest. A setting of 0 to 1 suits large masses and coins not contaminated by surrounding ferrous items.

A setting of 2 to 2.5 suits general use with little iron contamination while a setting of 3 to 5 suits iron contaminated and/or mineralized ground. The optimum settings are already configured within the programmes.

XP Deus II – Ground Balancing

Ground balancing is adjusting the detector to compensate for any ground contamination or mineralisation that might make the detector see it as one big target!

The correct setting of this feature maximises your detection depth at all times.

The XP Deus II has the abilitly to measure this, carry out some complicated maths and effectively make the ground “disappear” to reveal only the targets.

The Deus II can do this in a few ways. The most common is a “Ground Grab” or the “Tracking” function.

The Ground Grab function is a simple case of entering the Ground Grab mode by pressing and holding the pinpoint button and pumping the coil up and down until two audible tones have equalised.

The other most common way is to toggle Ground Tracking to “On”. This will do the same thing but the Deus II will continuously adjust itself in the background for the best results.

XP Deus II – Video introduction

When it comes to XP machines, Gary Blackwell can without doubt be known as an authority. Gary has become an expert on every machine XP have ever brought out.

His video introduction takes you through an in depth tear down of this top end machine!

XP Deus – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the XP Deus II is an exceptional top end metal detector that delivers impressive performance, user-friendly design, and advanced, highly adjustable features.

Find the lowest priced XP Deus II over on Amazon here.

The only features we have not covered here today are the ones that you would adjust for your own preferences such as the audio settings. The features we have covered are the performance features.

You can find more information on the non performance settings like target tones and iron volume in the XP Deus II manual here.

The detector’s wireless design, improved discrimination capabilities, frequency options and comprehensive LCD display make it a highly capable tool for detectorists of all skill levels.

The XP Deus II’s waterproof rating also adds to its versatility and makes it suitable for detecting in a wide range of environments. Overall, the XP Deus II is one of the best metal detectors on the market today.

It offers a winning combination of functionality, usability, and convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned detectorist or just starting, the XP Deus II will impress with its performance and features.

Okay, the XP Deus II is quite expensive but not as expensive as some other top end machines. It is however one of the most sophisticated pieces of hobby detection equipment you’ll find.

It’s easy to see why the XP Deus II is highly regarded by metal detecting enthusiasts around the world and has a massive, dedicated following.

Find the lowest priced XP Deus II over on Amazon here.

The viable alternatives to the XP Deus II are multi frequency Minelab Equinox series and the Nokta Makro Legend. I have linked to some useful articles on these machines here.

If you are looking to break into the world of multi frequency technology but are on a budget, take a look at my article on the Minelab Vanquish series here.

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