Extra income ideas – Beach metal detecting!

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How to make extra money from home

Having an extra income stream, especially when money is tight due to rising prices and inflation is always a great idea. Extra income streams come in many forms but we’ll look at beach metal detecting today!

It’s often overlooked but beach metal detecting can be a very good extra income source if you happen to live close or at least a short travel distance from a busy beach.

How to earn extra money

You would be amazed at what people lose on a busy summer beach. This can range from money, wallets, purses, watches not to mention jewellery.

Most items would be impossible to reunite with their owners so this means that your additional income stream can come from finding lost money or jewellery.

The main things you’ll need are a metal detector of course, a sand scoop, a pinpointer (which is optional) and spare time!

I have a great article here on Metal detecting for beginners.

One popular question is if you need a permit to metal detect on a beach. The short answer is that you used to but not anymore. (unless it’s a private beach!) Read my article if metal detecting is legal.

metal detecting beach sand scoop

Now, the choice of metal detector is a crucial factor because not all metal detectors work in a beach environment due to the extreme conditions.

So, before you rush into anything, we’ll cover this! You will have the initial outlay of a metal detector and sand scoop of course.

What must be remembered is that you have the potential to pay for the detector within the first couple of trips finding lost jewellery!

Can you use a metal detector on the beach?

Extra money for pensioners

Yes! Beach metal detecting, especially for pensioners is a great hobby! As well as possibly providing an extra income stream to supplement smaller pensions, it provides great exercise and gets you outdoors.

The benefits from the fresh air, exercise, additional income and the excitement of finding great items otherwise lost forever is a great feeling and most addictive.

I have an interesting article here that discusses….Is metal detecting worth it?

Extra income from home

The advantage of choosing beach metal detecting as a possible choice of additional income is that it can totally work around your lifestyle and your free time. The more time you have, the more you’ll find.

Earn extra money stream

There are also some great ways that you can maximise your efforts if you have limited time available.

One of those methods is to find the “sweet spot” of the beach where you’ll tend to find most lost jewellery.

Basically, what happens is that as people plunge their hands into the cold water, their fingers shrink in size due to the cold.

Previously secure rings suddenly become loose and drop off. Similarly, when bathers splash around, thumbs get caught in necklaces and are snapped off, never to be seen until you come along and find it.

How to earn extra income

The sweet spot on a beach is the area between high and low tide where bathers paddle up to their waists. I have a very useful article which goes further into finding the “sweet spot” and other techniques.

The article is Beach Metal Detecting UK. Within this article, it will also explain why certain metal detectors don’t perform well on beaches.

extra income stream

In a nutshell, because of the salty conditions of a beach and the way cheaper or “single frequency” metal detectors work, the beach can look like one massive target and go haywire!

This is made worse as you approach the “sweet spot” as the sand is wetter and more saturated. The best to combat this is to use a “multi frequency” metal detector.

I have another useful article here about multi frequency metal detectors. This is the latest technology which thrives in harsh conditions like wet beaches. Don’t worry, these detectors are now affordable.

The most affordable multi frequency metal detector that thrives in beach conditions in dry sand, wet sand and even into the surf is the Minelab Vanquish 340.

The 340 is the entry level machine in the Vanquish range consisting of the 340, 440 and 540 but still contains the same powerful multi frequency engine inside it.

This technology ensures signal stability, deep target seeking and overall perfect performance. You can get this latest technology now in the Vanquish 340 for under £230!!

Unbeatable Multi Frequency!

You can now get the ultimate power of multi frequency technology over single frequency detectors with the Minelab Vanquish range of detectors.

The entry level Vanquish 340 now gives you ultimate depth, stability and sensitivity on all target types in every soil, including wet beach sand.

Metal detecting sand scoop

There is a reason that you’ll preferably need a sand scoop rather than a spade or shovel. A sand scoop will make your life so much easier by allowing the sand to fall through the holes.

As you shake the sand through the holes, you’ll be left with a sweet jingle jangle of coins or jewellery inside the holed scoop.

With a spade or shovel, you’ll be forever trying to sift through sand trying to find your target. I have a good article here that goes further into finding the correct beach metal detecting sand scoop.

The pinpointer!

metal detecting beach sand scoop

A pinpointer I would say is an optional choice but it can certainly speed up finding small targets that seem invisible covered in wet sand.

They are basically a small handheld metal detector but is more precise and accurate. I have used one for years and wouldn’t go out detecting without it.

You can get away without one but it could pickout that elusive piece of jewellery you just can’t find! I have an article on metal detecting pinpointers here.

How can I make extra money – Final thoughts

I have been metal detecting for many years now and have a wealth of finds that spans thousands of years from Roman to Medieval to modern day.

I’ve found gold coins and also beach jewellery which I’ve either sold to pay for my detectors or given to my wife to wear if she loved it!

I am biased because I love metal detecting but again, it’s one of the only hobbies that can change your life with single find!

There is the initial outlay of the detector and sand scoop but this will most definitely be paid for after the first few outings on the beach. Also read my related article on underwater metal detecting here!

After that, you now have your additional income stream where the only constraint is your time. The more times you go out, the more you’ll find.

If you’re thinking of a secondhand machine, read my article on the Pro’s and Con’s of secondhand metal detectors here.

Please feel free to read more of my website articles to gain as much knowledge as you can. This was my main goal of this website, to spark an interest in the hobby.

Why not spark someones interest perhaps with my metal detecting gift article here!

Find a Minelab Vanquish 340 on Amazon here.

Happy and successful hunting!!

Unbeatable Multi Frequency!

You can now get the ultimate power of multi frequency technology over single frequency detectors with the Minelab Vanquish range of detectors.

The entry level Vanquish 340 now gives you ultimate depth, stability and sensitivity on all target types in every soil, including wet beach sand.