Dr Otek MT6 Pro Pinpointer

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The MT6 Pro pinpinter from Dr Otek

When a lovely lady called Skye contacted me to see if I’d like to review their MT6 Pro Pinpointer, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

I’ve been using my trusty old Garrett Pro pointer for around 20 years and even though it still works, it’s gets a little temperamental sometimes when I turn it on and off.

I was in the market to purchase a new pinpointer and was honestly looking at the MT6 Pro from Dr Otek for a while as it had rave reviews from fellow detectorists in the community.

The important thing for me was if it performed better than my Garrett Pro or will it just be a newer replacement for it that performed the same.

Well, after doing some table top comparisons, the MT6 Pro blew me away. It isn’t just a replacement, it’s a better performing pinpointer by a mile!!

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MT6 Pro Pinpointer Features

The Dr Otek MT6 Pro has some great features. Some of which aren’t found on the Garrett Pro.

One of these is the intuitive LCD screen that lights up graduations as you get closer to your target.

The MT6 Pro also has a handy LED light for low level light conditions.

To be fair, the Garrett Pro also has one of these but all the same, a handy feature. The MT6 Pro is also 3M IP68 fully waterproof.

It can actually survive being fully submerged under water which I tested along with the coins for depth comparisons.

One of the best features in my opinion found on the MT6 Pro is the interferrence noise cancelling ability.

The MT6 Pro works on 10Khz frequency. With more people using multi-frequency detectors, interferrence is sometimes an issue.

The MT6 Pro fully submerged!

If your detector causes any interferrence when the MT6 is switched on, a one touch button shifts the frequency to cancel it out.

My Garrett Pro can interfere with my Minelab Manticore. It also did the same with my Equinox 800 but I just lived with it.

No more however! If it does, I just eliminate it on the MT6 Pro with one touch.

Both the Garrett Pro and MT6 Pro detector throughout the whole length of the probe shaft.

The MT6 can also detect 360 degrees around itself so you miss nothing.

Finally, the MT6 has three operating modes. These include a vibration only, audio only and vibration plus audio together. The Garrett Pro only has an audio only mode.

The MT6 Pro also comes with a handy belt mounted holster and a bungy attachment so there is no chance of you forgetting it on the ground and leaving it behind.

Dr Otek MT6 Pro vs Garrett Pro depth comparison

MT6 Pro vs Garrett Pro depth testing!

To cut to the chase, after some extensive table top comparisons with various coins from my collection which varied in sizes, the Dr Otek MT6 Pro consistantly out performed the Garrett.

The smallest coin I tested first was a small silver William IV one and a half penny which I think was a Maundy issue coin.

It had been holed at some stage of it’s life to wear decoratively. This coin is absolutely tiny and is the smallest silver coin I own.

The MT6 Pro detected it over one inch deeper than the Garrett Pro. Subsequent coins as they increased in sized were also detected at much deeper ranges.

Find a Dr Otek MT6 Pro Pinpointer on Amazon here

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, the MT6 Pro Pinpointer from Dr Otek is one cracking piece of kit that will defineately be a worthy addition to your belt pack.

It’s robust, feels reassuringly expensive, is fully waterproof and is super deep. I’m so glad that I’m fortunate enough to be able to keep this MT6 Pro as I can’t recommend it enough.

Watch my video where I test the MT6 Pro against my Garrett Pro pinpointer here!

I still can’t fathom out how Dr Otek have produced this at its price point! You will absolutely not be disappointed for the money.

Find a Dr Otek MT6 Pro Pinpointer on Amazon here